A super group of people like you helped make it possible for outdoor adventurers like me to ride the Accessibility Trail here in Mt. Tom State Reservation, Holyoke, MA. Thanks to people like you a smooth and fun-to-ride trail now extends along Lake Bray to the new 55 foot bridge behind me that they built. I’d love to be able to chair-ride with friends all the way around Lake Bray. With help from you and your friends, me and mine, we can make it happen. Want to know more? E-mail me at

Beau Bridges Trail

Babbling Voices

 ( Gray type is a him or her; black is a companion. )

Babbling voices of Beau Bridges

Yah, babble through my mind all the time.

Making fun or do ya really hear too?

Fun of?  Not me.  Listen to this seventh crossing.

Who built them anyway?

Kay the trail lady.  Hauled in on backpack cut to size.

Wow, must have been quite a feat.  Who’s Kay anyway?

Someone a bit like you, well maybe a bit nicer.

What do you mean “nicer?”  Should I be insulted?

Heck no!  You are Kay and then some.

Oh; that’s nice.  Didn’t know you though of me like that?

Well, don’t let words go to your head.  Here’s a hug.

Oooh, here’s a smooch for you.

Because you’ll hike on moment’s notice,

don’t bitch much, even when I’m being an ass,

and will buy the pizza and beer, a movie, tonight

Hey, wait one babbling brook second.  I bought last.

Speaking of last, those two surely looked flat.

Jobs gone overseas; have to hang a while at home.  Sucks.

Least they got a place.

Without a year’s board in hand, home is not an option.

Speaking of, still sort of looking at houses.

Not that place down the mountain?

Why not?  Just right for you and me.

Poem by a friend of the Mt. Tom Range.