About NeVar and NeVara

NeVar and NeVara are Common Ravens, known for being one of the most intelligent of birds.  Yes, these images are cartoon characters but be sure to take their purpose seriously. They, like all the plants and animals of the Range, inspired the creation of this website. Their participation in telling the Mount Tom Range Story helps promote awareness of the entire range. They urge you and your family and friends to view all this website's pages. Visit the range as often as you can. Get to know its trails, flora and fauna. Spread the word that preserving the Mount Tom Range largely as undeveloped open space is in everyone's economic and ecological best interests.

For more about the Common Raven, log on to Cornell School of Ornithology at:

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What Mt. Tom Means to us:

Sophie, Artist:

Mount Tom is one of the Pioneer Valley’s striking ridge-lines and is seen for miles around.  I cherish its vistas, seasonal color changes, miles of hiking, diversity of animals and plants, and a place for family and friends.  I also go to the mountain for inspiration but may put paints and brushes aside just to listen, wonder and take in the magic of the mountain.  This painting expresses my feelings. 

My biography:  Born and raised in Leeds, MA, roaming its woods to view May Flowers with Grandma, the annual flush of Mountain Laurel, planted the seed of painting scenes from nature. After two years of community colleges and transferring to Amherst College, I received a bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Environmental Studies. 

Elbert, website author, illustrator:

Mother Raven feeds Her Clutch was inspired by Mount Tom and the near nine mile ridge-line that makes up the spine of Holyoke and borders four other cities.

My background is in advertising and graphic design.  Drawing studies for personal enjoyment became the focus of independent and academic studies in later life.  Recent contact with creative people led to the belief that others would contribute inspirations to help build awareness of the entire Mount Tom Range.

Poem and music by Nicholas

Called Come Alive, my poem and its accompanied music ( being edited ) reflects the way Mount Tom feels when the warmth of summer winds dance through trees, birdsongs hang in the air like intricate tapestries of dialogue, and the mosses are green, vibrant, alive.  Come Alive is about our interconnectedness with the land, water, sun and moon, with celebration and grief, with the longing for inevitable growth and simultaneous contentment with the present.  I am akin to the bards of old, wandering forests barefoot, guitar at play or strung over back, hearing music in the land. 


Come Alive

The sound in silence hummin’

one wonders how you, come alive, 

the moon was howlin for you, 

the darkness cryin’ for your light, 

you are the sunlight dancing, 

a wild child, flyin high, 

colossal beings, wondering, 

a chance to finally, come alive.

Whether an artists, sculptor, photographer, videographer, writer, poet, composer or musician, spread the word.  E-mail, NeVar, at nevar13@comcast.net with your creative offering about Mount Tom.