About NeVar and NeVara

NeVar and NeVara are Common Ravens, known for being one of the most intelligent of birds.  Yes, these images are cartoon characters but be sure to take their purpose seriously. They, like all the plants and animals of the Range, inspired the creation of this website. Their participation in telling the Mount Tom Range Story helps promote awareness of the entire range. They urge you and your family and friends to view all this website's pages. Visit the range as often as you can. Get to know its trails, flora and fauna. Spread the word that preserving the Mount Tom Range largely as undeveloped open space is in everyone's economic and ecological best interests.

For more about the Common Raven, log on to Cornell School of Ornithology at:

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Geolo011geologygically, the Mount Tom Range came about by our valley sinking and spreading to the east as the underlaying tectonic plate tilted upwards to the west, sinking to the east.  Glacial grinding exposed the basalt layer seen today and melting ice left deposits of granite and quartz from places far north.  Further erosion and sedimentation from more recent Lake Hitchcock, helped shape lower elevations and much of our valley.  The New England National Scenic Trail follows the west edge of the upheaval that created the Mt. Tom ridge-line, affording excellent views of hills to the north and west.  Glacial erratics and a mixture of forest and wetland habitats can be seen throughout the Mt. Tom Range, filling a day with surprises for the curious as well as for serious professional and student studies.