A super group of people like you helped make it possible for outdoor adventurers like me to ride the Accessibility Trail here in Mt. Tom State Reservation, Holyoke, MA. Thanks to people like you a smooth and fun-to-ride trail now extends along Lake Bray to the new 55 foot bridge behind me that they built. I’d love to be able to chair-ride with friends all the way around Lake Bray. With help from you and your friends, me and mine, we can make it happen. Want to know more? E-mail me at

Mt. Tom Range, Holyoke, MA

Illustration of Mother Raven feeding a late afternoon meal to her Brood

The Mt. Tom Range extends some nine miles from the Connecticut River south to West Springfield and borders five cities.  The range is located, along with the Mount Holyoke Range to the east, in the population center of Western Massachusetts.  Like its sister range the Mt. Tom Range is close to lodging, restaurants, eleven colleges, a diversity of entertainment and recreational activities.
The Mt. Tom area of the range has a rich history, which viewers can read highlights of here on pages listed to your right as well as on pages of the in-depth Robert Schwobe Historical Collection in Mt. Tom State Reservation.  The Holyoke Public Library’s History Room also has much to read.
Geologically the Mt. Tom Range has a somewhat east-west orientation.   Its orientation has created a unique plant and animal ecosystem, an ideal location for professional and student field studies.  Please view the Points of Interest pages listed to the right for overviews of what the Mt. Tom Range –especially the Mt. Tom area, has to offer.