Who is NeVar and NeVara?

Nevar© and his mate NeVara© are a not so common raven pair. Together, they have become the mascots and narrators for this website.

Ravens were chosen for their intelligence, sociability and adaptability. They have been companions to humankind for all of recorded history and are a rich part of our folklore. To some ravens are evil. To others they are revered as noble spirits. And so ravens were chosen to tell the story of Mount Tom and why the ridge that makes up the spine of Holyoke should be preserved largely as undeveloped open space.

Should you have skills in animation, graphic arts, audio and video recording, photography, voice-overs, research, law, and would like to help tell the story of the Mt. Tom Range, please leave a comment under Recent Posts.

Bray Lake

02braylakeIn 1911 two brooks, Trout and the Cascade, were dammed to create Lake Bray which quickly became popular for picnicking, fishing, canoeing and skating. The surrounding trail, a 2/3’s mile section of which is wheelchair accessible, leads to other trails ( See map page ). The lake supports diverse habitat but its waters are becoming chocked with invasive plants, cutting off oxygen for fish, food for turtles and dependent animals and birds. The options are to dredge but this is costly and using weed control is a potential problem too.

B & E Skating

Summer on Bray courtesy of BIll Finn

034navarFor my introduction to this opening story, play sound bar:


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Winter on Bray courtesy of a skater.