A super group of people like you helped make it possible for outdoor adventurers like me to ride the Accessibility Trail here in Mt. Tom State Reservation, Holyoke, MA. Thanks to people like you a smooth and fun-to-ride trail now extends along Lake Bray to the new 55 foot bridge behind me that they built. I’d love to be able to chair-ride with friends all the way around Lake Bray. With help from you and your friends, me and mine, we can make it happen. Want to know more? E-mail me at

Eyrie House Ruins

010eyriehousNamed Mt. Nonotuck in 1858 by Professor Hitchcock of Amherst College, the Eyrie House Hotel complex rose on its summit in 1861, expanding to 30 guest rooms with amenities including promenades, pavilion, picnicking, croquet field, lookout tower, and walking paths. A 1901 fire destroyed the complex. This image is of a foundation for an expansion never completed.  In 1905 the Reservation purchased the property.  The area can be reached via the New England National Scene Trail and via an unimproved road during special events.